I should get one for myself.

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20140318-105554 pm.jpg

This space has been so neglected and I feel kind of sad. I have a terrible memory so I tend to forget things easily, but I want to remember the recent birthdays I celebrated for my little cupcakes hehe. (If you consider buying a gift and having a meal celebrating…)

When I buy gifts, the inner greedy girl be like “I kind of like this gift… I should get one for myself.”
It’s ridiculous. Even when I buy cologne for my friend, I also want one. For what? I don’t know. Spray toilet or something. I just want it.

After getting a couple of gifts, my wallet poured gasoline on itself and ignited itself, combusting into flames. I cryed a lil everytiem. I don’t know why all your birthday must fall under the same few weeks… Can give chance? 小哭..

20140318-102014 pm.jpg

birthday boy RL! Thanks for burning a hole in my pocket also! If you weren’t such a good friend I would throw you off a cliff, really. Hahaha

20140318-102821 pm.jpg

Birthday bestie ying baobei~

She’s a leap year baby. Isn’t it cool? Hahaha! As special as she is, I got her the best and most special gift ever.

20140318-103313 pm.jpg

Stamps! It’s the thought that counts! Happy 18th!!
No lah I where so bad. Do you see my icon? It’s perry the platypus from my favourite cartoon. He’s like a secret agent like James Bond. Just that he’s a platypus. Perry I mean, not James Bond. Or what if James Bond was really a platypus? You will never know, will you.

She took this lovely pic of the real gift! I like this picture a lot. Hahaha. When I got it I’m like damn I should get one for myself too.
20140318-104003 pm.jpg

20140318-103346 pm.jpg

And we went out again yesterday! To change the lip stick colour. Hahaha bestie was on the fence because the colour she didn’t like had a nicer packaging.

So guess what she got in the end.

What’s there to guess right. I also show you already lol. She got the colour she liked with the uglier packaging. So you see, boys and girls. Appearances are not as important as it seems. It is who you are on the inside that counts. And in life you will meet many different people… etc love more etc be yourself etc etc..

class chalet!!

A big thanks to Nicholas for booking the chalet and paying for the food first!! So kind really!! So nice to bully also.

20140318-103448 pm.jpg
20140318-110012 pm.jpg

This game of bluff lasted I think 1.5 hours?!!!! I almost cried cos Chua was supposed to help me win but we lost instead HAHAHAHHA OWELL

I’ll update soon for pictures at Gardens By The Bay!

20140318-105536 pm.jpg


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to see the silver lining.

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8july (Sunday)

We bought grandma to have lunch at the airport.

And now I will show you a picture of me walking on paper which is completely unrelated to the lunch.

20120712-093338 PM.jpg

It would be cool if it’s made into carpets. Every morning you will think you are falling down stairs.

20120712-095549 PM.jpg

20120712-094155 PM.jpg

My dad bought me a new wallet and lip balm.
I understand I don’t have to say which is which because

20120712-094155 PM.jpg
this does not look at all like a lip balm.


Yesterday I made this

20120712-095906 PM.jpg

I wanted to give it to Hyuna. But I won’t be attending the performance anymore. I guess there’s always a next time :-)

But I’ll still keep it for now.

I was thinking of making teachers day cards this year. There’s always time to make cards for teachers who are passionate about teaching.

have a great weekend!

Happy July 1st (soon).

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It’s the beginning of a new month! You know what that means? We are one month closer to o levels!!! YAYYYYY!!~

pretentiousness aside lol.

Apart from wondering about life’s philosophy and other random things I do daily, well. That’s about it. I have nothing much to say. Lol.

No pictures because my fringe is *cough* screwed up by the hairdresser aunty. I said side fringe and even gave her pictures. She just cut it straight for me. Thank you aunty. You are of such great help. Then I said help me thin the left side of my hair. Having a right side parting, my left side has thicker hair. It would be apparent that it is ‘impossible to thin one side’ or else ‘there will be a hole.’ as she claimed. Okay. I have not experienced a hole that she speaks of in my hair after thinning it as I always do. The aunty is weird.

I have gone out of point. I have Chinese olevel oral in three days time. Lol.

Have a good weekend!


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20120617-034431 PM.jpg

Jia, Natalie & I went to Ikea on Friday.
I was very excited and happy and I went to google how it’s pronounce. I lag lah ok I admit. It’s ee-kay-uh. Repeat after me. Ee. Kay. Uh. Very good.

And staff (员工) is pronounced as stahf. Not stuff. St(air)f without the r. Lol. English lessons with Lysha even though I couldn’t get a decent grade for EL in sch. Dont judge me. Hahaha.

Read: Ikea staff.

Moving onnnn.

Jia ordered mushroom soup and salmon. Which is pronounced as sahmon. No L. I am very familiar with this because my EL teacher loves to go through these with us during lesson time. Very productive, I know.

Natty ordered mushroom soup cos she ate already at home.

And. I. Had. ~drumroll~


20120617-035426 PM.jpg

After that, we went to explore!!!!!!~

And Nat and Jia took the dog stuffed toys and carried them around Ikea. Jia carried 1. Natty carried…..

20120617-035709 PM.jpg

4 or 5.

Lol. They 永远十三岁.

20120617-035943 PM.jpg

And this is what I do. The caption for this picture is: The Guardians Of The Hangers.

Another work of art-

20120617-040126 PM.jpg

Oh dear this looks terribly wrong. Lol. I can explain. Really.

The caption is “Titanic.”
Forget it. Lol. Dont judge me.

20120617-040307 PM.jpg

I got flowers for my grandad.

We paid, ate chicken wings & hot dogs and went home.


Today, I was thinking about friends and loved ones. And I realised how easy you could tell if you were losing them.

Basically, it’s when you start speaking with formality.

It’s like your on your guard and careful with your words. You no longer tell that person “go away lah walao you very din deh leh” instead you say “excuse me sir, would it be possible if you could move two meters over for me to have comfortably enough space for myself?”

Ok lah not so kua zhang. Lol. Anyway, it’s not like it bothers me a lot now. Lol. I have finally opened my eyes to see who cares enough for me. Hahaha. Thank you for loving me.

Saranghae jagiyahs, na neun heng bokeh ^_^

Have a lovely day ahead! ^^

Can’t be arsed to think of a title

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20120612-074413 PM.jpg

The other day, my brother ordered Popeyes. He made the call at 6.45 and we waiting until 9pm for the delivery. Apparently they kind of left us out of the delivery list.

Within that 2 hours, I could have traveled to the nearby mall and bought dinner. And finish that dinner and go buy it again. And I would probably have some time left to lol at 9gag. But nope. I was watching Mean Girls 2 at Funshion because I couldn’t find Mean Girls 1. And I wanted to watch Easy A. I like Emma Stone. But that’s not the point.

When they finally delivered it, it came with an extra 7 pieces of chicken and a few extra pieces of nugget things and that bread thing.


ok you can. Lol.


Apart from eating chicken, I have been up to more meaningful things. I shall not list them, not because I am cannot think of any. I want to keep you in suspense. Lolol.

Anyway, I had lunch with the dancers,
Jia, Natty, Sheryl, Belle & Janis.

We had Pasta Mania.

20120612-075401 PM.jpg

Then we walked around aimlessly looking at toy claw machines and gashapons. We laughed a lot.


I’ll be paying my respects to my grandfather this Sunday. I still make cards for him and I hope that he receives it. I drew him an iPhone 4 two years back. That was before the real thing was released. I make sure my grandfather stays up to date.

This year, I was thinking of getting the flowers and decorating it. I’ll see how it goes.


Bless you kind people & stay healthy~


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This post dates back to 2 centuries.
Just kidding. Yes I don’t say. Enough of self conversing. Okay. Lol I did it again. Okay enough. Seriously.

I really forgot when was this.
I shall call it day alpha. Because you know those police show, those team alpha team beta then so atas.

20120603-102708 PM.jpg

Jia and I waiting for our gong Cha.

It was a Saturday and we went to town to because I had to buy my mum’s present. I’ll be posting about it later. Excited not? Please maintain yourselves. Hahaha sorry. Jk.

20120603-102644 PM.jpg

My ootd. Jk. Hahaha. I took it for fun in the MRT.

YALA IT’S ALL FROM INSTAGRAM hahaha. If you follow me then you have probably seen it before.

20120603-102730 PM.jpg

20120603-103648 PM.jpg

Two pairs of feathery earings feathery feathery feathery yay


I went jogging the other day. I am lazy to name the days.

20120603-103906 PM.jpg


This was before CL o’s which explains the gridded paper. And kitty paper-palmed herself watching me study.

20120603-104212 PM.jpg


This is what I do when I’m supposed to be studying. I draw elephants and spell it as eleplants. (unintentionally)

20120603-104405 PM.jpg


This is my pet. It’s home is my sink.

20120603-104559 PM.jpg

20120603-104610 PM.jpg

jk, my dad’s friend gave him this fish. it wasnt alive at that point of time, so he took the pics and whatsapped us in the family chat saying something like ‘there’s a live fish in our sink.’
my bro went to put his mug down and he got a shock.

20120603-105057 PM.jpg

Troll dad is troll.


My cat.

20120603-105230 PM.jpg

jk. It’s not my cat. I rubbed it’s belly and it lied down and rolled left and right and stretch until so shiok and purr. Then I stopped and the cat looked up and stared and me like ‘bitch why are you stopping’


Jia and I being very productive in biology practical. Okay. I drew both. But she is my accomplice. Really. Her fault.
What if we take the blame and push it all to Jia? #pushstuffpatrick

20120603-105615 PM.jpg

20120603-105636 PM.jpg

The potato has a hand growing out of its eye :-(

Mum’s present.

20120603-110525 PM.jpg

I spent a few days making this.
I am really sincere in making cards. Must take this opportunity to snatch all the credits and glory. Excuse me please. LOL

20120603-110612 PM.jpg

20120603-110631 PM.jpg

Her presents I got in town. I got her a dress from H&M.


NOT CHEAP. Must disclaim. Really. HAHAHAHA.

20120603-111028 PM.jpg

The cake. Very. Very. Sweet. I like. megusta


Yesterday, I went to town with bestie.
But before that, we went for the blogshop sales. I didn’t find anything I really liked but we queued for a damn hour!!! It was so hot and stuffy and agonising and you really cannot fuck around with girls who are shopping during a sale. I was half fucked already so I just got a pair of brown velvet(?) high waist shorts. Which. I. Didn’t. Take. A. Picture. Of.

In compensation I will show you my face.


20120603-111622 PM.jpg

20120603-112246 PM.jpg

And I bought this pair of studded shorts too.
My dad saw it and he was like ‘Y U BUY THAT, HOW YOUR MUM GONNA WASH???’
LOLLLLLLLL. Honestly I also don’t know. Haha.

20120603-112448 PM.jpg

View from cine ytd night! So happy because I finally caught a movie with bestie my sugar baby. Rhymes.

20120603-112626 PM.jpg

I took this pic in the cinema. So hardcore right. Lol.

20120603-112656 PM.jpg

We caught the movie Dark Shadows.

20120603-112914 PM.jpg

I thought it was a great movie. I would watch it again. I don’t have really high expectations for movies, but I really hate movies that are filmed in shadows and so pitch black I feel like I’m paying good money to stare at a black screen.

Another thing I can’t stand is that when they speak too soft or they stick all their words together and all I hear is akbdwlhzalbxiw. Tom, let’s dksnxkladh. Looks like we dnowndkwnzlajqlajlz. We have to clwbspnqoxhqljxowjd and jckeodjeod.

There’s school tomorrow. Haiyoz. Okay.

Not sorry for the long post, but here’s a potato anyway #9gag

20120603-105546 PM.jpg


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